Saturday, April 13, 2013

Contented Life-2; Have Absolute Faith in God

One may think that why I am so happy and claim to be leading a contented life when I have the same problems others have. Well, that is the point; you can’t postpone feeling happiness to a future date. If you plan to lead a happy life when all the problems are settled down and retirement from job is nearer, let me tell you, it may not work. As you get older, your problems also will increase. Therefore, the key is to be happy now, in the middle of problems.

How we deal with our problems is very important. I will explain my way of dealing with life’s problems. I first evaluate the problem with a condition; is it within my control? If the answer is YES, I will try every means available to solve it and believe me, restless days are ahead. If the answer is NO, I just forget about the problem and let Mother Nature or God, whatever you call it, take care of it. When the answer is YES, it’s going to be hard work from my side; if the answer is NO, life is relaxed; as the divine or nature will take care of it.

When the answer is yes, certainly that problem can be solved with the means available to us. We may have to work out a strategy and action plan to follow strictly. Once the process is started, never stop it without a valid reason. Time to time, we may have to evaluate the progress we make towards the solution. We must stop the process in the middle if we realize that the path taken was wrong and it is not going to take us there. Never lose the confidence and never give up; keep on trying.

When the answer is No, leave it to God. Some problems we face now and decided to leave with God for a solution, as those are beyond our capacity to solve, will eventually appear to be no problems at all on a later date. We will realise that they were not problems but turning points in life. God was taking us to better pastures, and we mistook it as a problem. In my life, it happened many times.
It is important not to protest or curse yelling “why me always?” when the problem is left with God. Such outbursts will only drain our energy. On the other hand, positive thinking that ultimately things will get settled down and only good things will happen is the much-needed tonic at this time.
Don’t bother much about the definition of God. And, there is no need of any agents to get in touch with God. Better if your relationship with god is one-to-one and direct. Don't bother about how to pray also. The conversation with God can be on silent mode. If we wish that the will of God is supreme than our wish list, things are going to be perfect.

There are many who say, “I have faith in God”. But I met only a few who has real faith in God. There is a test for faith in God. Those who have real faith in God, will not complain about anything. They submit themselves to God. Without any resistance, they will go wherever they are taken knowing that ultimately it will be to greener pastures. Those who complain are real anxiety patients and the only cure from the decease is absolute faith in God.

Mathews Jacob

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