Sunday, April 14, 2013

Contented Life-3; Real Happiness Is Happiness Felt Without Any Reason

In the previous part we discussed that faith in God calls for total submission to God. When we submit ourselves to God, there won’t be any complaints from our side. We should always remember our beginning; the starting point when we were a big zero. From there we reached here. It’s quite something! It’s has been a long way! And, it’s something to feel happy about! Above all, it’s something to be grateful to God!

But even though we have travelled a long way from the big zero, we will feel unhappy when we compare our lives with others’. That is the biggest mistake we make. Everyone has a unique life. While a person can recollect each trivial things of his life, he can only see some facets of others’ lives. What we see in others’ lives would be mostly deceptive. Some clever, wicked persons will show off things that are not existing. That are only pretensions to misguide us and put us off-track. My advice is never fall for that. Whatever you see in others’ lives should not be a matter for your agony. You only concentrate on the best things in your life.

One may wonder whether we are deceiving others when we pretend to be happy while there is nothing to feel happy about. No Sir. There is a difference between showing happiness while leading a simple life and showing off a posh life with materials amassed through loans and other sort of misappropriations. The former is the natural thing to do and the latter is the most degenerative life style.

Our discussion is about the former; feel happiness while there is nothing to be happy about. That is feeling happy for no reason. With a valid reason any one can feel happy. But only a contented person will appear to be happy always without any reason whatsoever.

The tendency of human mind is to stick with negative thoughts. There must be deliberate efforts continually from our part to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. We must engage in continuous dialogue with our inner selves to shut out the negative thoughts and keep replacing them with positive thoughts. It is like we have two pictures; one a bleak one and another so much encouraging and enlightening. The mind will go the bleak one; but we need to push it down and bring the other positive one up.

That inner dialogue I mentioned earlier will do wonders. We must keep on repeating that wealth or fortunes of others should not be a matter for our concern. We should not compare our lives with worlds’ richest people. If at all we compare, we should compare with people those who are less fortunate than us. Occasional visits to some hospitals, orphanages, asylums will help us to realize that we have no right to complain.

Mathews Jacob

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